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Introduction   General Overview of the course
Chapter 1   Introduction
Chapter 3a   Equipment Cost
Chapter 3b   Equipment Cost (cont' d)
Chapter 3c   Equipment Cost (cont' d)
Chapter 4a   Geotechnical Materials
Chapter 4b   Geotechnical Materials (cont'd)
Chapter 4c   Geotechnical Materials (cont'd)
Chapter 5   Machine Power
Chapter 6   Dozers
Chapter 7   Scrapers

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

  Finishing Equipment
  Chapter 10   Trucks and Hauling Equipment
  Chapter 11   Compressed Air
  Chapter 12a   Drilling Rock and Earth
  Chapter 12b   Drilling Rock and Earth (cont'd)
  Chapter 13   Blasting Rock
  Chapter 14   Aggregate Production
  Chapter 17   Cranes
  Chapter 18   Draglines and Clamshells
  Chapter 19   Piles and Pile-Driving Equipment
  Chapter 20   Equipment for Pumping Water
  handout   Belt-Conveyer Systems

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